Being technologically brilliant is only part of the story. It’s also about people. And we understand that the most talented developers can be curious, demanding beasts. With Slate at the helm, you can be confident that we will shape and lead our own teams, and yours, to fast forward digital change. We’re not afraid to stand up and be counted.


Ashley Coker Founder & CEO See More Details Icon
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Ashley Coker

I’m the Slate CEO, running it for 10 years, five years in its current form.

I’ve always loved computers and started out writing code. However, as my career progressed, I realised that it’s not all about the tech: it’s about the people who write the tech. 

And that’s our point of difference.

Theo Tonge Director of development See More Details Icon
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Theo Tonge

Don’t give me solutions, give me problems. 

Self professed geek, with a life long passion for problem solving. This started as a kid when I loved taking apart toys and putting them back together.

I’ve got over 18 years of IT experience in roles ranging from system admin, system architecture, dev. Ops., front end and backend development.

Callum Linington Chief Evangelist See More Details Icon
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Callum Linington

My passion is computers. Ever since I was young I’ve been building and programming them - starting out in BASIC when I was 13. 

Now it’s Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka and .NET Core, as well as building UIs too, focusing mainly on React and Aurelia.

I appreciate programming languages and language design. I’m a code connoisseur and love a good design pattern. 

My latest obsession? F#. Can’t get enough.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it. That’s my job. Love it.

Tom Burges COO See More Details Icon
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Tom Burges

Loved software development from an early age. This took me to study computing at uni which resulted in a first class honours degree. 

Since then, I’ve developed my application development and consultancy skills further, specialising in C# and JavaScript; building scalable API's with performant front ends. 

I then gained experience in an IT support and commercial sales role to fully understand clients' needs and develop solutions with - and for - them.

Andrew Winnicki Team Leader, UI Developer & Frontend Web Architect See More Details Icon
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Andrew Winnicki

Team leader with over ten years of expertise within the web engineering area.

I’m also a web developer with over fifteen years of experience in frontend technologies, high-performance web architectures and frameworks.

In a nutshell, I tackle challenges that are simple to define and hard to execute.

What I love most about it? Helping our clients to transform their software engineering into high-performance, cross-functional teams capable of delivering ambitious and complex projects.