Existing processes and established culture can be the biggest barrier to change. Slate works with organisations to visualise their current culture, infrastructure and understand how it can be morphed into a state of continuous improvement and deployment.




Slate consultants are more than just consultants. They are technical navigators with a practical focus on the business over the software.

They will work with both business and technology leads to understanding the impact business culture is having on the digital process and identify the challenges and opportunities.  They are happy to ask the difficult question - "why?'

Whether you are striving for continuous deployment, are transitioning from waterfall to agile teams or are stuck in the process of implementing agile. Our navigators will work with you to find the blockage in the process and through a series of collaborative sessions, will help your organisation fast forward change.  




We will inject smart, creatively minded engineers into your internal teams so that you can release software quicker, smarter and more cost-effectively than everyone else.

By seeding our engineers into your teams, your organisation benefits from our approach, experience and start-up mentality.

As well as upskilling your existing developers, you also get the critical feedback you need to make sure the process stays on track.

All Slate team members start as equals, but typically end up as team leaders inside 6 months, because of the way they inspire creative thinking.

We will always cap the number of Slate engineers that join your team as experience has taught us that small, focused teams create the best opportunity for maximum digital acceleration.


Our process

Through our Explore, Learn & Build framework, we are able to deliver a persistent state of process innovation into your organisation. 

The principles are based on creating a “systems thinking process” designed to seed new thinking into organisations, to create a learning environment for developers, and to fast forward digital change. 

Digital innovation process

Slate provides a software developement consultancy service that helps businesses navigate to a point where they can start conceiving digital transformation.

There are typically three stages to this process.



Once the opportunities have been identified, our technical coaches will work alongside your existing teams to:

  • support the shaping of the development flow
  • understand your capabilities
  • outline new avenues to pursue
  • mentor and upskill your internal DevOps teams
  • work towards optimising the state of CI/CD